Passages family care helps everyone involved in the process. Our holistic approach includes a team effort of nurses, doctors, therapists, and administrators working for the benefit of the patient

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Hospice Dreams

As part of our holistic care philosophy, we believe in seeking out experiences that are good for the spirit. Our preferred non-profit, Hospice Dreams, gives patients the opportunity to have a personalized day focused on their wish. Living out a Dream helps our patients leave stress behind and increases their quality of life. Most importantly, having a Dream empowers our patients to live according to their terms. 

Making It Happen
Hospice Dreams is dedicated to helping our patients live out their dreams and enjoy life to the fullest. If you have a Dream, we will help fulfill it by contacting Hospice Dreams. We will work with Hospice Dreams staff to bring your Dream to reality.

“It’s like her own home – angels can do that.” – LaDonna Cecchetti, niece of a patient whose room was remodeled to make her feel more comfortable and at-home.

“It made him feel young again.” – Jean Liddicoat, wife of a patient who rode in a Harley Davidson.

Helping Others, Fulfilling Dreams, Enriching Lives
Examples Of What Hospice Dreams Has Done

  • A man who hadn’t been to a baseball game in many years was given tickets for he and his sons to sit behind home plate at Wrigley Field 
  • A steak dinner with all the trimmings was arranged for a patient and his loved ones at a local steakhouse 
  • A fighter pilot hadn’t flown or been in a plane in many years was able to fly a plane with his daughter who is also a pilot 
  • A lifelong Mustang enthusiast rode in a black 1969 Mustang to have dinner with his son 
  • A man who had to sell his motorcycle was fitted in full Harley Davidson gear and rode in the sidecar of a Harley Davidson around a rented racetrack 
  • Patients who are unable to travel home for the holidays were transported to be with their families

Dreaming without Boundaries
Whether the Dream is for a chocolate milkshake or a day at the ballpark, we encourage you to express your Dream. Hospice Dreams devoted staff will work hand-in-hand with your caregivers to make sure that medical concerns don’t slow you down. 

See Dreams in action!