History of Passages Hospice

Seth Gillman began Passages Hospice in 2005, after his grandmother chose hospice services for her end of life care. Seth was unable to find a service that would tailor to his grandmother’s needs as well as his family’s foremost wishes and concerns. He wanted a service that was committed to individualized care and the finer details. Seth decided to start a new type of hospice–one that embodied everything he would want for a loved one–a service that would set a new standard of care.

Passages Hospice is dedicated to “family and patient” centered care, focusing on the family’s wants and needs as well as each patient’s best interest. With services extending well beyond those of other hospices, Passages has grown by leaps and bounds since it first started. Most importantly, Passages has given many families and patients the kind of comfort, care and respect they always deserved.